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Thanksgiving Special

Mixed Case: Two of each, 2017 Sangiovese, 2019 Chardonnay and 2018 Boujee Rose Sparkling. $158.10.


Red Case: Two of each, 2017 Sangiovese, 2014 Cabernet Franc and 2015 Tiger Juice. $175.10.


White Case: Two of each, 2019 Pinot Blanc, 2019 Chardonnay and 2019 Viognier $122.40.


Boujee Case: Three each of the 2018 Rose and 2018 Blanc de Blancs. $204.


2019 Pinot Blanc

Is this our best Pinot Blanc yet? Could be. This is a tropical summer in a glass – crisp and clean, pineapple and passionfruit and Meyer lemon and pear, with river rock giving it a great minerality. We're loving this with Thai food right now, or just chilling and sipping.

HARVESTED: September 30th, 2019
BOTTLED: February 6th, 2020
VARIETAL: 100% Estate Pinot Blanc
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 23.2
pH: 3.58
TA: 0.430 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 14.5%

$ 25.00 each, $ 270.00 per case of 12


2019 Pinot Blanc

The 2019 RIVINO Estate Pinot Blanc is crisp and bright, perfect for summer sipping or pairing with a meal. Orange blossom and pineapple come through on the nose, while in the mouth it is full of juicy fruit – kiwi, passionfruit, apple, peach, and a variety of citrus. It's surprisingly versitile in pairings, but we still love it with freshly-shucked oysters, shrimp cocktail, and citrus-prepared fish.

HARVESTED: September 24th, 2019
BOTTLED: May 14th, 2020
VARIETAL: 100% Estate Pinot Blanc
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 21.1
pH: 3.48
TA: 0.525 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 13.5%

$ 25.00 each, $ 270.00 per case of 12


2020 Chardonnay

Our renowned 'naked' Chardonnay in yet another amazing vintage – this classic wine is entirely unoaked, with no malolactic fermentation, so it is crisp and clean, without the buttery, oaky flavor you find in some other chardonnays. On the nose you’ll find tropical fruits – pineapple, honeysuckle, and guava among others. A variety of great floral notes as well. When you taste it you’ll get the zing of green apples, citrus, and a bit of pineapple. This is great with fish (especially more tropical varieties), chicken of all sorts, and zesty salads.

HARVESTED: August 28th, 2020
BOTTLED: February 16th, 2021
VARIETAL: 100% Estate Chardonnay
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 23.0
pH: 3.41
TA: 0.560 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 13.9%

$ 25.00 each, $ 270 per case of 12

2019 Viognier

The 2018 RIVINO Estate Viognier is one of our best vintages to date – the fruit is amazing, and the nose is a picture-perfect example of the varietal. You'll get all of those incredible tropical aromas – lychee fruit, pineapple, and guava. Once it touches your tongue you'll find a nice acid balance, with lemons and a hint of grapefruit, white peaches, and Asian pears. This is a spectacular food wine, and we're a big fan of it with our own cheese platters!

HARVESTED: September 24th, 2019
BOTTLED: January 14th, 2020
VARIETAL: 100% Estate Viognier
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 22.4
pH: 3.51
TA: 0.546 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 14.1%

$ 25.00 each, $ 270.00 per case of 12

2017 Sangiovese

Our 2017 Sangiovese is a light-bodied, full-flavored Estate-grown wine, and an ideal example of the varietal. Bright cherry and plum with a touch of cranberry, crisp acidity and a bit of tobacco and spice. It's a wonderful wine for everyday sipping or food pairing – we love it with pork of all sorts.

HARVESTED: September 30th, 2017
BOTTLED: July 9th, 2020
VARIETAL: 100% Estate Sangiovese
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 25.1
pH: 3.73
TA: 0.470 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 15.8%

$ 29.00 each, $ 313.20 per case of 12

2014 Sedulous

Our signature Estate blend melds merlot, cabernet franc, and viognier for a unique wine. That little touch of viognier gives an amazing tropical nose that brightens the wine up (amazing what 1% can do!). In the mouth you'll find a delightful merging of merlot and cabernet franc flavors – rich plum and blueberry, wild blackberry and bell pepper. The tannins are sturdy here, which is why we hold it for six years before releasing it – by the time you get it you'll be able to enjoy the velvety soft edges. And if you do feel like laying it down, it will continue to age in bottle for years to go. Big meats will adore this wine's structure – steak and venison are especially well-suited to its flavors.

HARVESTED: September 17th, 2014
BOTTLED: December 29th, 2017
VARIETAL: 69% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 1% Viognier
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 23.6
pH: 3.59
TA: 0.456 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 14.8%

$ 36.00 each, $ 388.80 per case of 12

2015 Cabernet Franc

The 2015 Cabernet Franc is our fullest-bodied red, aged to perfection and bottled when we're sure it's ready to share. This is a robust, deep red that nonetheless has some great acid to balance it out. You'll get a bit of cacao, and some strawberry, raspberry, and plum, but you'll also find some amazing vegetal flavors – bell pepper and jalapeño both leap out. We love this with a burger or pork belly.

HARVESTED: September 12th, 2015
BOTTLED: December 28th, 2018
VARIETAL: 100% Estate Cabernet Franc
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 23.6
pH: 3.66
TA: 0.526 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 14.8%

$ 36.00 each, $ 388.80 per case of 12

Out of Stock


2016 Tiger Juice

Our RIVINO Estate Tiger Juice is back, now with a great new label. This is our take on a classic Côte-Rôtie combination – syrah co-fermented with a touch of viognier. The viognier helps lend stability to its cousin syrah, while also imparting some of its delightful aromatics to the somewhat more serious grape. It’s a great wine with food, especially hearty meat dishes. On the nose you get some strawberry and tropical flowers, along with a whiff of honeyed bacon. On the palate it’s big and juicy – black plums, boysenberry, a hint of tobacco, and a sturdy structure that keeps the flavors rolling. It’s a spectacular food wine, but we love it with roast meats (and anything with bacon).

HARVESTED: October 4th, 2016
BOTTLED: September 16th, 2020
VARIETAL: 5% Viognier, 95% Syrah
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

°BRIX: 25.8°
pH: 3.94
TA: 0.451 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 15.2%

$ 38.00 each, $ 410.40 per case of 12

2020 Amber Eve

She's back! And better than ever! This is Amber Eve, our distinctive Rosé of Sangiovese. We make a limited quantity, and she sells out pretty quickly, so make sure to grab yours if you want some. Perfect color, an incredible body, and flavors that linger far beyond what you'd expect from a Rosé. This is pink wine the way it meant to be enjoyed. You'll find summer in your glass here, with watermelon, peach, raspberries, and honeydew. Try it with grilled fish or grilled shrimp, or just enjoy sipping it by itself.

VARIETAL: 100% Estate Sangiovese
APPELLATION: 100% Mendocino

ALCOHOL: 12.9%

$ 28.00 each, $ 302.40 per case of 12


Portia Scarlet

The making of Portia Scarlet. A late harvest Estate Cofermentation of Merlot, Sangiovese Cabernet Franc and Syrah. An amazing pairing of flavors and aromas that once reaching 13 brix at 4am underwent the addition of 72.8% alc Brandy to halt the fermentation process. But not just any Brandy … this was the elegant creation of master distiller Joe Corley of Germain-Robin Distillery. This red fortified wine represents the initial two levels of our Solera Style venture. Sipping Elegance, Cheers!

$ 45.00 each, $ 486.00 per case of 12

Portia Snow

An Epic Viognier reunion. Picked at the same time two batches of Viognier grapes took different journeys. One batch was made at RIVINO via our usual cold slow fermentation method. The second after concluding fermentation was distilled at Germain-Robin by master distiller Joe Corley, into an exquisite brandy. This Brandy was then reintroduced to our fermenting Viognier then at 11 brix, to create an unequalled & unforgettable fortified white wine!

$ 35.00 each, $ 378.00 per case of 12

2018 Boujee Blanc de Blanc

A new sparkling vintage – long anticipated, and well worth the wait! We take three white varietals from our Estate Vineyard and craft a classic Champagne-style sparkling wine. These bubbles are ‘Zero Dosage’, meaning no sugar is added any step of the way. And the result is a crisp, clean sparkling with tiny bubbles (a ‘tight bead’) that go on for days. Lemon zest, honeysuckle, a touch of pineapple, and even a bit of grapefruit in here.

What doesn't go well with sparkling wine? We especially love this with raw oysters, crab, fried chicken (really), and lively conversation with fancy purses and lots of sass.

$ 38.00 each, $ 410.40 per case of 12


2018 Boujee Rosé

Back and better than ever! Our Boujee Rose Brut Nature is made from our classic-style Blanc de Blancs, and then supplemented with Estate Syrah for a kick of color and body. This is 'Zero Dosage' at its finest – no extra sugar is added after secondary fermentation, so you get a crisp, dry sparkling, with delightful tiny bubbles. Great grapefruit, lemon zest, pineapple, blackberry, and raspberry.

One reason we love Sparkling Rosé is it pairs with everything (seriously). But it‘s especially good with all things pork.

$ 42.00 each, $ 453.60 per case of 12


Tasting Room Update

In accordance with the County code we are temporarily closed for tastings. However, we will continue offering wines for shipment, or pick-up at RIVINO Ranch following social distancing protocols. We will be offering curbside pickup as well, for those who want it.

For those who’d prefer to stay at home entirely, we’ll be offering one-penny case shipping and a 20% case discount on all of our wines! Wine Club members will receive an additional 10% off of cases on top of their standard discount – so 25% off for Brook members, 30% off for Eddy members, and 35% off for Whitewater members! Might be time to join

We are suspending our in-person Friday music events until further notice – but we are doing virtual Happy Hours with food to pickup and enjoy. The Boujee tent will be ready to spring back to life once this is past us, and we’ll announce it here and by email as soon as we know when that will be. Stay safe out there!